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Jet Lag OG

Jet Lag OG


1/8 oz
Jet Lag OG

Strain Name: Jet Lag OG 

Strain description: Descending from the godparents of gas, Kush Mountains and Red Eye OG, this pheno is a fuel forward cut with strong Indica attributes. Reeking like old school dank, the beautiful buds on this one shimmer with tight crystals, representing both parents perfectly when it comes to both structure and aroma. Rolling up reveals even deeper layers of that classic OG profile, bringing forth a clear yet couch-lock effect, ideal for late night sessions or help knocking out after a long journey. This smooth, tasty kush smoke will have you feeling chill AMF, and may lead to periods of relaxing, sedating, and tranquil states of mind.

Lineage: Kush Mountains x Red Eye OG pheno #23

Classification: Indica

Effects: Relaxing / Sedating / Tranquility

THC Range: 30-34%

Terp Range: 2.3-2.7%

Primary terpenes: Limonene / Myrcene / Linalool